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Inform the vendors you didn’t select. In the sales process, you are going to win some projects and lose some projects. It’s to be expected. Not every deal is going to be a good fit. I recently had an experience that was really good. Two prospective clients actually contacted me back to let me know they were going in a different direction and didn’t pick us. I appreciate that more than they could know. It’s professional and a not so common courtesy. I wish it was different. Most prospects don’t let you know of their decision. They just go silent. I really enjoy working with prospective clients to see if we can help them with their problem or opportunity. A […]

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Sales Challenge: Accountability

Applying The Slight Edge to sales in my business. Sales have been a challenge in my business. There, I said it! I’m an introvert by nature, so I have a hard time getting up my courage for a cold call. I do much better with qualified leads, because I they are already interested in what I offer. This blog post is my public declaration of what I am doing to get sales in my business. It is also the first in a series that will chronicle my experiences with my sales process and what I’m doing to improve along the way.There are two main books that have provided me with the core learning that I will be applying to my

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