Planning with Paper

Get alone with your thoughts for better thinking while planning

I like to get away from distractions and get alone with my thoughts to do planning. It seems like electronic devices interfere with deep thinking. I think it is the distraction factor.

Reflect on the different kinds of planning you need to do throughout your day.

  • Your daily, weekly or monthly plan
  • Meeting or workshop planning and agenda creation
  • Strategic planning
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Project planning
  • Goal setting
  • and many more!

Not every kind of task lends itself to this kind of planning, but for many activities eliminating distractions and getting alone to think will improve the quality of your plans. It’s really simple to get started.

  1. Close your laptop lid or turn off your monitor
  2. Put your phone in do not disturb or airplane mode
  3. Pick up your pen and a pad of paper (or your planner for daily planning)
  4. Clear your desk from distractions or move to a quiet area

Once you have the above steps accomplished, start thinking about whatever you are planning. What you want to avoid are interruptions, whether they are internal or external. This takes some practice. You may find that you are not used to working and thinking without distractions, but with practice, this will help you think more deeply and completely.

Give it a try and stick with it for 40 days. At the end of that time, you will have a new habit that will really help your level of thinking and planning!

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