Sales Challenge: Accountability

Applying The Slight Edge to sales in my business.

Sales have been a challenge in my business. There, I said it! I’m an introvert by nature, so I have a hard time getting up my courage for a cold call. I do much better with qualified leads, because I they are already interested in what I offer. This blog post is my public declaration of what I am doing to get sales in my business. It is also the first in a series that will chronicle my experiences with my sales process and what I’m doing to improve along the way.

There are two main books that have provided me with the core learning that I will be applying to my sales process. Interestingly, they both include the word “Edge” in their title. My goal is to get a sales edge and build upon it day by day and week by week.

  1. The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson
  2. The Introvert’s Edge by Matthew Pollard

The one-sentence summary of The Slight Edge is that there are things we should do every day that are both easy to do and easy not to do, but if we do them we will build to success. The Introvert’s Edge summary is that introverts make the best salespeople because they will rely on a process instead of their personality to make sales.

I will also be setting goals each month and reporting on the results. This post is dated 4/12/19 and in it I am setting my goals for the remainder of April – 4/15 through 4/30.

  • Sales of $14,000
  • 4 sales contacts per day

I will be following Slight Edge principles in making sure that I keep doing the sales contacts every day. I will be following the Introvert’s Edge in making sure that I follow a defined sales process during each sales contact. For me, I feel that these are stretch goals and it will take some determination to exceed them, but I want to become great at sales and the accountability of this post will help me to do just that.

Thanks, Mike!

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