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Project Management, Digital Agencies and Software Development

Over the years I have started and stopped blogging. It’s time to start a blogging journey again. In my new blog: “Mike Winterthieme Project Manager” I plan to delve into project management, digital agencies and software development. These are the elements of my work.

  • Project Management – At the time of this writing, I am entering my 19th year as an “official” project manager. As many people in this career, I started out as an “accidental” project manager. Since that time I earned my PMP certification and have managed all sorts of business, software and digital projects.
  • Digital Agencies – I own my own digital agency and also consult with other digital agencies on project management. My start in the world of digital agencies was also “accidental” when I was approached to build a website for a friend’s business.
  • Software Development – Before I finished college, I realized that I could contribute in that space between the technical and the business. Was that an “accident” too? Perhaps!

I don’t believe the above elements of my work were “accidents” at all, but rather the melding of my interests and the desire to solve specific business problems. After all, that is what is needed – right? I haven’t met a business situation that didn’t include a problem and many of these problems involve a technical solution.

I hope that you will find my blog helpful and that it will start many conversations.

My best to you! Mike

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